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Baoji Titanium Enterprise Investigation Group Visited Eastern District

2020-10-29 11:50:14

On October 16, the Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute was matched by Baoji Honghua Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Aigri Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Baoji Zhuorui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Baoji Shengxin Metal Material Co., Ltd., Baoji Haoyu Metal Material Co., Ltd., Baoji Jinweicheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Baoji Yihaixin Metal Material Co., Ltd., Dongguan Nord Metal Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies formed a Baoji Titanium Enterprise Investigation Group to visit the eastern district to learn more about the eastern district’s investment promotion The situation in other aspects will lay the foundation for investment and business development in the future.

Deputy District Mayors Wang Peng and Tong Yong held a discussion with the heads of enterprises in the delegation.

In recent years, the Eastern District has conscientiously implemented the “One Two Three Five” work ideas of the municipal party committee and government, and thoroughly implemented the development concept of “Panzhihua is not a strong industry, and Panzhihua is difficult to become a poor industry”. It is closely focused on building the “Pangang Aircraft Carrier Fleet”. Major decision-making and deployment, taking the construction of "100 billion parks" as the carrier, fully integrating into the construction of "two cities", striving to become a strong county in the province's county economic development, continuing to promote the "five major projects", and focusing on building a "4+1" industrial system. Efforts will be made to create new vanadium and titanium materials, deep processing of steel, comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, incubation of science and technology and digital economy, and in-depth promotion of the high-quality industrial development of the Eastern District. A good situation has been formed in the development of key industries such as iron and steel smelting industry, comprehensive resource utilization industry, machinery processing industry, titanium deep processing industry, graphite new material industry, powder metallurgy industry and so on. In 2019, the whole district will achieve a total industrial output value. 75.3 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of the city's total industrial added value growth rate of 8.5%, industrial added value accounting for 43.5% of the Eastern District’s GDP.

On the same day, the delegation visited Panzhihua Titanium Metal Exhibition Hall, Panbao Titanium Metal Deep Processing Industrial Park, Pangang Titanium Industry Exhibition Hall and other places to conduct inspections, and inquired in detail about the policy support and industrial supporting situation of the East District in the titanium industry investment promotion. Relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Economic Cooperation Bureau, the District Economic and Information Bureau, the District Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Round Management Committee gave on-site answers. At the symposium after the inspection, Wangpeng had an in-depth exchange of opinions on the investment matters of concern to the heads of the enterprises of the delegation.

The symposium was held in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. The heads of all enterprises of the inspection group unanimously stated that the Eastern District has a solid foundation for the development of the titanium industry and strong industrial competitive advantages. The Eastern District provides services for Baoji Titanium Enterprises to land in the Eastern District. I am deeply impressed, and everyone is warm in their eyes. They will definitely consider investment matters in the Eastern District, further strengthen the communication between local enterprises, and strive to make this inspection more fruitful.

Wang Peng said that the Eastern District will further improve the service level, provide better services for Baoji companies investing and developing businesses in Pan, continuously strengthen the construction of basic supporting facilities, and strive to create a better business environment for companies in Pan Baoji.

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