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Degreasing method on the surface of titanium standard parts

2020-10-29 11:39:47

The paint on the surface of the titanium standard parts is the biggest problem that will affect normal use, so it will be cleaned regularly. When the titanium standard parts are processed, the titanium surface will be processed more smoothly, which is conducive to later cleaning. The following is an introduction to the titanium standard parts The method of degreasing the surface.

There are many ways to remove oil stains on the surface of titanium standard parts. For example, when the workpiece is too large or partial surface treatment, you can use a simple brush to remove the oil. When removing the oil, use a brush or a rag to dip lime slurry, magnesium oxide, and cement. Wipe back and forth with decontamination powder such as soap, liquid soap and tile ash. You can also use a special metal cleaning agent to remove the oil. Sometimes after brushing once, apply a degreasing agent and wipe again. Repeat this several times to completely remove the oil. Get rid of.

  Drum degreasing is to put small parts with simple shapes, such as standard parts, sawdust, acacia and weak alkaline solution into the drum together, cover and seal for cleaning and degreasing. When the ultrasonic wave is emitted into the liquid, the pressure is reduced instantaneously, and then the compressive force is generated at the next instant. This repeated action, the moment after the bubble is generated, the bubble is crushed due to the compressive force, and it scatters and generates a shock wave. This kind of shock wave can produce the effect of removing oil stains on the surface of the workpiece. When the bubble breaks, it can produce thousands of degrees in height and hundreds of thousands of kPa pressure.

  Ultrasonic can be used for solvent degreasing, electrolytic degreasing, chemical degreasing and pickling, which can greatly improve its efficiency. The disadvantage is that it spreads in a straight line, and it is difficult to reach the covered part. Therefore, the workpiece should be rotated or flipped in the groove. When the mesh basket is used to remove oil, the mesh is small, which has a large shielding effect on Zhao Shengbo, and the intensity attenuation is severe; the mesh is large, and parts are easy to miss. At this time, it is advisable to use the bottom irradiation method to allow the ultrasonic wave to penetrate the bottom plate and reach the high Q temperature of the workpiece, which will generate too many bubbles, which will hinder the propagation of the ultrasonic wave.

   The suspended particles in the solution are vibrated by the action of ultrasonic waves, which will produce agglomeration. On the one hand, it is beneficial to degreasing, but on the other hand, it is easy for contaminants to attach to the surface of the workpiece again. Therefore, it is best to use continuous filtration equipment with oil-absorbing substances for solution filtration. The high concentration of oil removal will affect the propagation of ultrasound and reduce its effect. Therefore, the best concentration and ratio must be determined through experiments.

   The above is the degreasing method of titanium standard parts, as long as you understand the cleaning method, titanium can be used normally.

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